View a Turnitin/Feedback Studio rubric before submitting your assignment

  1. Select the assignment that you are submitting into.

  2. Select Add submission.

  3. Before submitting your assignment, select View the Rubric used for marking.

  4. After viewing the Rubric, select (or press) anywhere outside the Rubric pop-up to close the Rubric.

    Note: there is a grey Close button at the bottom right of the pop-up, but due to issues during the last update of Moodle it does not work at the moment. Our development team is working to solve this issue for a future update.

  5. Submit your assignment when you are ready.
  6. Finally, select Save Changes.

View a Moodle rubric before submitting your assignment

If your teacher has attached a Moodle rubric to the assignment (rather than a Turnitin rubric), you can usually view it by simply selecting the assignment (step 1 above).

Moodle rubric student view