Similarity report

The University of Waikato uses Turnitin to compare your assignments with published materials and other student assignments, and identify similarities. This is part of our commitment to academic integrity.

Submitting a draft assignment to Turnitin

You can use Turnitin to improve your assignment drafts, and even to find missing sources.  Make sure that you leave enough time to submit a  draft  and receive a Similarity Report on your draft. You can also get free help from Student Learning to understand your report. And remember to submit your final draft!
  1. Go to the Assignment, select Add submission, upload your file and Save changes, but make sure that you don't go further than the page that allows you to Edit or Remove your submission.

    edit or remove submission

    Note: See Submit an assignment for more information.
  2. You will see a message that your file is Queued for assessment by Turnitin.

    upload draft to Turnitin
  3. You will receive an email when your Similarity Report is ready, or watch out for a coloured box to appear in File submissions below the Turnitin ID. Select the number in the box to access your Similarity Report.

    select the number in the coloured box
  4. Similarities to other assignments or published sources will be highlighted. In the red menu to the right of your draft, you can select the Similarity number to see an Overview of matching sources.

    similarity match overview

    Note: Make an appointment to see Student Learning if you would like help with using the Similarity Report to improve your assignments.