Zoom is video conference software. Many lectures and tutorials are on Zoom or have a Zoom option.  You can also use Zoom to have one-on-one meetings with lecturers, tutors, support staff or other students.

Joining a Zoom session via a link

If you have been invited to join a Zoom meeting via a link in an email, a message, or a calendar invitation, simply select the link and follow the prompts to join the session.


If you receive a calendar invitation, make sure that you respond Yes or Accept if you can attend.

calendar invitation

After you Join the session, you may have to wait for the Host to let you in.

The first time that you use Zoom, allow a bit of extra time. You will need to Accept cookies and may be prompted to choose your audio source. You may also be prompted to download Zoom if it is not on your device, or to join via your browser. You should also choose a name that allows the Host to recognise you.

Accessing Zoom via Moodle

Join a live session

Follow these instructions to attend a live lecture, tutorial or other session that is part of a Moodle paper. You will need to sign in to the student portal first, as usual when accessing Moodle.

  1. Go to your Moodle paper and select the Zoom link.
    zoom link
  2. Select Join Meeting. You may have to wait for the Host to let you in.
    join meeting

    Note: Your teacher may also ask you to join a Zoom session by selecting a joining link

    joining links

Watch Zoom recordings

If your Zoom lecture or tutorial has been recorded, you can usually find it in the Completed recordings section of the Panopto block, which is on the right hand side of your Moodle papers.

panopto block

See How to use Panopto in Moodle for more information.


Sometimes the Host will share a direct link to a recording instead, either on Moodle or elsewhere. Select the link to view the recording.

Recordings will not be available immediately, they take a little while to process.

Zoom access troubleshooting

  • If you can't join a live meeting: double-check the lecturer or tutor's instructions. Are you in the right Zoom meeting? Has the meeting started yet? (some Hosts allow you to join before the meeting starts, some don't, some have a waiting room)
  • If you can't see a recorded session:
    • check the Panopto block of your Moodle paper (usually on the right hand side). Be patient, recordings take a while to process to Panopto, and need to be manually shifted to your Moodle paper.
    • If recordings aren't being saved to the cloud and shared via Panopto, there may be a direct link in the Introduction section, or the relevant topic or week in the central part of your Moodle paper.
  • No sound or image? Check the audio and video settings
  • Done all of the above and still having problems? Contact your lecturer.

Downloading and accessing Zoom on your device

If you are a tutor, or want to run a Zoom session for some other reason, you should create a University of Waikato Zoom account and download Zoom. Even though Zoom is free, a university account allows you to run longer meetings, and to run meetings via Moodle. You only need to create a University of Waikato Zoom account if you want to Host a meeting. To attend a Zoom meeting as a Guest, follow the access steps at the top of this page.

  1. Sign in to your student or staff portal, go to the Quick Links menu on the left hand side and select Zoom, then follow the prompts to download Zoom.

    select zoom on portal
  2. Select Sign in with SSO.

    sign in with sso
  3. Enter the domain name as waikato, then select Continue.

  4. Sign in with your University of Waikato student username and password.
  5. After signing in, Zoom will start on your desktop.
    You should only need to follow steps 2-4 the first time you sign in to Zoom via the University landing page.  
    There is more information about downloading and signing in to Zoom in this Zoom installation guide.
    If you need to know how to host Zoom meetings at the University, have a look at the staff help pages about Zoom.

Join a Zoom from Tauranga

More information and support

Zoom support - Getting started

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