You can access Zoom meetings as a student without a university Zoom account. However, if you have set up a University of Waikato Zoom account because you are a tutor or need to run Zoom meetings for some other reason, this page explains how to change your Profile and other general settings, and how to use Google Calendar with Zoom.

Accessing Profile Settings

  1. Select the Zoom app, then select Sign In
    zoom app

    sign in
  2. Select Sign in with SSO.

    sign in with sso
  3. Enter the domain name as waikato, then select Continue.
    domain name
  4. Sign in with your normal university username and password.  A Zoom window should now open.
  5. To reach the Settings panel, select your profile photo located at the top right of the Zoom window. This may just show your initials.

  6. Select Settings.

  7. Select Profile.

  8. Select  Edit my profile. This will redirect you to the Zoom settings on your browser.

Changing your Profile Photo

Note: First follow steps 1-5  in Accessing Profile Settings (above).  Your version of Zoom may have My Profile or Change my picture as drop-down menu options, or you can keep going with steps 6-8 above.

  1. Hover over the profile photo and select the photo.

  2. Drag and drop or browse for an image to update your profile photo. Here you can crop your image too.
  3. Once the image has been selected and cropped to your liking, select Save at the bottom right.

Changing your Profile Name

Note: First follow steps 1-8  in Accessing Profile Settings (above).

  1. Next to your name, on the far right, select Edit.
  2. Change your name by typing in a new name under First Name and Last Name.
  3. You can also change your Display Name. This is the name that other participants can see in a Zoom meeting.

Other Settings

You can find advice on other settings in the Zoom support pages.

Calendar Integration

You can add an individual meeting to Google Calendar by selecting Google Calendar when you schedule a meeting. This takes you to the Calendar app where you can edit details and invite guests.  You can also add Zoom extensions to Google Chrome and Gmail.

add to calendar

Note: For more information, and if you would like to sync Zoom with Google Calendar, see Google Calendar integration.

Access to settings via the University portal

You can also access Zoom settings by signing in on the University of Waikato student or staff portal, and selecting Zoom in the Quick Links menu on the left. Then select Settings.

select zoom on portal