Maths and Stats

These pages contain useful maths and stats revision material applicable across a range of papers. You can book a consultation with our mathematics tutor. NET or BLK (or distance students) can request a video consultation. (The mathematics tutor uses Zoom for his distance consultations).

green blackboard with white chalk showing calculations and graphs


Topics covered include expressions, factoring, equations and inequalities, exponents and logarithms, and simultaneous equations and matrices.

protractor and pair of compasses

Coordinate Geometry

Useful for maths, science or business, and any occasion when two variables need to be compared and graphed.

vials of liquid sitting on a bench against a dark blue background

Maths for Science

Mathematics dealing with units of measurement needed in physics, chemistry, and biology.

woman with laptop on white background with whiteboard behind her covered in mathematical symbols


Graphing trigonometric functions, radians and degrees, circles, reference angles and other trigonometric functions and equations.

abstract collection of overlapping coloured numbers


A review of basic number operations, including order of operations, along with fractions and percentage

a newspaper with graphs and charts on it


Confidence intervals, descriptive statistics, normal distribution, and probability.

fantasy picture of two chain links floating above a golden sea with a sunset in the background

Useful maths links

Websites to bookmark in your browser so that you know where to turn when you need to revise.