Maths and stats

Coordinate geometry

Having an understanding of straight line geometry and algebra is useful for maths, science, or business, particularly when there are variables requiring comparison, and plotting onto a graph.

The links to these instructional YouTube clips come from The Organic Chemistry Tutor.

Plotting points [length: 12m:38s]
This video details the process of plotting coordinates.
Functions [length: 10m:53s]
This video details an introduction to functions, and coordinates.
Finding X and Y intercepts [length: 13m:07s]
This video details how to find the X,Y intercepts and sketch a straight line.
Finding the gradient [length: 11m:13s]
This video details how to find the gradient of a line using coordinates or parallel or perpendicular lines.
Writing Linear Equations [length: 12m:49s]
This video details how to write a linear equation given two coordinates, and the gradient.