Maths and stats

Useful links to mathematics resources

A collection of resources for learning about mathematics, and for learning how to teach mathematics.

Khan Academy
In addition to short YouTube lectures, the website features practice exercises. Subjects include mathematics, computer programming, economics, and finance.
Wolfram MathWorld
Assembled over more than a decade by Eric Weisstein with assistance from thousands of contributors, MathWorld claims to be the web's most extensive mathematical resource, provided as a free service by Wolfram Research.
Professional development resources, and teaching materials that may be useful for new teachers or students.
NRICH publishes mathematics enrichment resources for pupils of all ages, including discussion forums and a mathematics thesaurus. Provided by the University of Cambridge (UK) for teachers and students of mathematics.
Other resources
Teachers should use a range of resources to support their students learning in mathematics and statistics. Many of these resources will support the assessment of students' achievement and progress in relation to the mathematics standards.