The similarity report
Find out about how Turnitin checks your assignment to see if it's similar to other sources including websites, journals, and other student assignments.
View feedback comments
Some lecturers provide written comments on assignments in Turnitin. Find out how to view feedback comments.
View the rubric before submission
Often lecturers provide rubrics for assignments, a list of criteria describing how you will be marked. If this is provided in Turnitin, you can view the rubric before submitting your assignment.
View rubric feedback
Some lecturers provide feedback for students using a rubric in Turnitin, where they provide a mark and/or feedback about how your assignment met different criteria. Find out how to view your rubric feedback.
Download Turnitin feedback
If your lecturer provides feedback through Turnitin, you can download it. This is especially important for group assignments, where only the person who submits the work can see the Turnitin feedback.