Study skills

image of a man at his computer desk, one hand on computer and the other with pen on pad of paper


Essay writing, different types of assignments, useful ways to use words, paraphrasing, and strategies for editing and proof-reading.

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Strategies about how to read efficiently, and the different types of academic texts you might encounter.

Academic Integrity

Academic integrity refers to values of honesty, fairness, respect and trustworthiness in academic work.

lecture theatre full of international students taking notes as they listen to a lecture


Generating useful notes when you are in lectures and when you need to make the most of your reading.

60 second study tips

A series of 60 second videos offering study tips. Introductions, Conclusions, How not to annoy your marker, and Paragraphs.

magnifying glass over a dictionary entry saying grammar

Grammar and punctuation

Student Learning grammar pages, and other tools, including links to FLAX

Examinations and tests

Tips, test preparation, exam strategies, and study planners.

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Time management

Resources and webpages to help you fit the preparation of your assignments into the time you have available.

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Online learning

Getting started with online learning - advice for students from students. A repository of resources to help you study in an online paper.