Studying during Covid-19

During Alert Levels (AL) 3 (and 3a in Auckland) the University of Waikato in Hamilton are closed to staff and students meaning that all teaching and learning during this AL is 'distance'.

Make sure that you check your Moodle papers regularly for messages from your lecturers and tutors.

This guide will provide you with some tips for studying online during this time.

Studying online

Getting started with online learning during campus closure
A list for students to help you prioritise your response and to get started with your study from home.
Attending lectures from home
What you can expect from your lecturers to help you access the course material from home.
Participating in tutorials during AL 3
The options that your tutors may provide for you to participate in your regular tutorials.
Laboratory work during AL 3
The possible ways that your lecturer will help you complete the lab requirements for your courses.
Exams and tests
Where to find information about changes to your assessments, particularly exams in Trimester B, 2021
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