Exams and tests during Covid-19

You will submit your essays and reports (and other written assignments) through Moodle in the same way that you normally would. 
Whenever possible, your class tests will be transferred to Moodle.

  1. Read the notices that your lecturer provides about your assignments, tests and exams. If you have questions, write a question in the Q & A forum (or equivalent) in your Moodle paper.
    If you lecturer’s reply seems a little grumpy, please don’t take it personally. Your lecturer is responding to an unprecedented set of circumstances and may be quite busy.
  2. Enrol and complete the free Academic Integrity course in Moodle (self-enrolment), which will remind you what is expected of you as a responsible citizen of the University of Waikato cultural community.
  3. As exams approach, watch for notices from the University about arrangements for sitting exams.