Lab assignments

Lab assignments on campus will resume during Trimester A, 2021 (while NZ is at Alert Level 2). You will need to follow your lecturers' instructions about attending labs when we are at AL 2 or higher.  Follow the instructions in your Paper Outlines regarding your laboratory assignments. If you need to remain studying at a distance for any reason, please communicate this with your lecturer or faculty case manager.

Your lecturers may do some or all of the following, as much as they are able:

  • Provide alternative options for you to participate virtually in labs with video demonstrations of techniques, online simulations, analysis of data, and other pre- or post-lab work. If you need to do the experiments yourselves look for notices about when and where you can complete those experiments.
  • Provide you with some sets of raw data from similar experiments that you can use to complete your analyses.
  • Provide opportunities for you to discuss lab experiments and results with them, your tutors, and your classmates.

Advice for lab study

  • Complete all your readings, and look online and in the library for information about the lab experiments that you would have been scheduled to do. Watch videos online (from industry and other universities) that demonstrate the same or similar experiments.
  • Be proactive: Research and explore the theories that your experiments are testing so that you really understand what your lab experiment is teaching you.
  • See if there are ways that you can set up the experiment at home. Not all of you will have access to specialist tools, but there may be ways that you can replicate some of your work some of the time. Share your ideas in Moodle with your classmates. Your lecturers will be impressed if they see using your initiative and sharing with others.
  • Be ready to come in and participate in the labs activities as soon as the campus opens again.