Attending tutorials during Level 2

In Trimester A, 2021, when campus is at Alert Level 2, you will have the option of attending your tutorials on campus or via Zoom.

    Using tutorial technology

    • Your tutor will provide information about access to Zoom or Google Hangouts. There will be a link or Zoom ID (or an invitation to join your Google Hangout) for your tutorial. It is most likely that your tutor will post this link in Moodle for you. (It might look something like this: Zoom ID is : 406 673 824
    • If you need help with installing Zoom, or getting into Google Hangouts, log an IT request in Kuhukuhu.
    • Use the test mic and camera wizard to make sure the microphone and camera are working.
    • Good etiquette:
      • Mute your microphone when you are not speaking.
      • Check your surroundings and lighting. (Too much back light and you'll appear like a tree stump.)
      • Please wear a shirt.
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    What is Zoom?

    Zoom is video conference software. Staff can use Zoom to have online meetings with individual students or large groups.

    Zoom has an excellent installation wizard, so open your Zoom invitation early the first time you are using it to allow your computer or mobile device to install.

    What is a Zoom conference?

    Video source: Zoom

    What is a Google Hangout?

    Google Hangouts is available to you via your University of Waikato student Gmail account.

    This is another online conferencing tool supported by the University, used for smaller groups. Try Google hangouts and see what happens. It might ask you to sign in. We suggest that you use your official University of Waikato student Gmail account for Google Hangouts. (Remember, if your preferred email is not a Gmail account, you may need to juggle between your usual email and your University of Waikato Gmail account).

    Tutorial advice

    • Arrive on time to your online tutorial. They naturally progress at a slower pace than face to face tutorials as the software has to switch between speakers.
    • Actively take part in discussions, e.g. in the chat facility. Learn more about participating in online discussions
    • If you lose picture or sound during your tutorial, relax, and allow the app to try and get you reconnected. If you accidentally close the app, open it again using the link and it should take you back in. Use the chat facility within each app to inform your tutor that you might have missed some of the discussion so that he or she can recap.
    • Because online conferences are a bit slower, you might need to wait a little longer to offer your contributions to the tutorial. Use the chat facility as an alternative way of discussing the tutorial with the tutor and other students, and for asking questions.