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Elevenses with CeTTL

11 minute talks about teaching and technology.

Our midwinter series of Elevenses has now come to an end. We're planning more Elevenses with CeTTL later in 2021.

In the meantime, you can watch our recorded sessions.

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Previous sessions


Monday 15 June: Editing Panopto, with Nigel Robertson

Tuesday 16 June: Panopto student assignment folder, with Dr Nicole Pepperell

Wednesday 17 June: Adding captions to Panopto (using Google Slides, Powerpoint add-on or YouTube), with Tracey Morgan

Thursday 18 June: Adding questions to Panopto, with Stephen Harlow

Friday 19 June: ScreenCast-O-Matic, with Stephen Bright


Monday 22nd June: Moodle quiz questions types: beyond multi-choice, with Tracey Morgan

Tuesday 23 June: Moodle forum: choosing the best type to use, with Stephen Bright

Wednesday 24 June: Moodle lessons, with Clementine Annabell

Thursday 25 June: Moodle online marking options, with Stephen Harlow

Friday 26 June: Moodle glossary, with Stephen Harlow and Dr Nicole Pepperell

Staff Show & Tell

Monday 29 June: Moodle activity completion tracking, with Stephanie Gibbons (Philosophy)

Tuesday 30 June: Embedding Google Forms in Moodle for student reflection and feedback, with Dr Kate Stevens (History)

Wednesday 1 July: Planning and organising for online teaching in Moodle, with Jess Kuo (Waikato Management School)

Thursday 2 July: Real time discussion and interaction with students using Zoom, with Dr Myra Williamson (Law)

Friday 3 July: Moodle quiz questions and real time annotation with students using Zoom, with Sinduja Seshadri (Engineering)

Kickstarting Trimester B

Monday 6 July: Strategies for managing combined face-to-face and online teaching, with Dr Nicole Pepperell

Tuesday 7 July: Welcome students to your paper: convenor block and introduction, with Victor Fester

Wednesday 8 July 11 am: Putting together an intro podcast, with Stephen Bright

Thursday 9 July: 11 am: How to help your students get to know each other, with Dr Alison Jolley (AJ)

Friday 10 July: 11 am: Setting tutors up for success, with Dr Shazré Sarfraz

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