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Postgraduate Certificate in Tertiary Teaching and Learning - PGCert(TertiaryT&L)

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About the PGCert Tertiary Teaching and Learning

The Postgraduate Certificate in Tertiary Teaching and Learning — PGCert(TertiaryT&L) — is a recognised qualification for staff working in tertiary education contexts who wish to extend their understanding of tertiary learning and teaching, improve their own practice and facilitate positive change in student learning across their courses and programmes or in their specific areas of work.

It is a flexible programme that can benefit people engaged in tertiary education teaching at any point during their career. The programme can be completed over one to four years, depending on individual preferences and needs.  You can enrol in single papers, or combine four papers for the full qualification.

Through the PGCert programme, participants will have opportunities to improve their own teaching, research teaching and learning, critically engage with theories and principles of tertiary teaching and learning, contextualise their own practice locally, nationally and globally, and be prepared to take responsibility for leading teaching and learning initiatives at an appropriate level.

The PGCert in Tertiary Teaching and Learning requires successful completion of four elective papers. It can be taken in blended form or completely online.

If you are able to attend face-to-face classes on campus, please see here for further details..

If you are interested in completing the programme entirely online, please see here for further details.

All blended papers will be offered in Hamilton and Tauranga subject to sufficient student numbers.

We are also able to offer papers in custom-designed block delivery format subject to minimum group numbers. For further details, see here.

For further details on the PGCert Tertiary Teaching and Learning, please contact the Programme Administrator  [email protected]