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On Campus/Blended

Please note that there will be no papers offered on campus or blended delivery in 2022, all 2022 papers are fully online.

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For participants able to attend sessions on campus, it is possible to take papers that are offered in blended format or a mixture of blended and fully online papers. This allows you to choose the way of learning that works best for you in any particular semester.

For blended papers, attendance at regular sessions (usually fortnightly) is required, though there is considerable flexibility and it is usually possible to make alternative arrangements (e.g. through use of Zoom) if it is not possible to be on campus on a particular day.

From 2020, it is possible to take the PGCert in Tertiary Teaching and Learning entirely online without any requirement to participate in sessions on campus: see here for further details.

All blended papers will be offered in Hamilton and Tauranga subject to sufficient student numbers.

For further details on the PGCert Tertiary Teaching and Learning, please contact the Programme Administrator  [email protected]

Future courses

The following papers will be offered at a later date in a blended or face-to-face format.

TERTL500 Learning, Teaching and Assessment in Tertiary Education

This paper enables participants to explore core concepts of teaching, learning and assessment and develop the knowledge and skills for effective teaching in tertiary teaching contexts.

TERTL501 Integrating Kaupapa Maori Across Programmes

The paper is useful for anyone who wishes to explore concepts of kaupapa Maori and how these concepts may inform the practices of tertiary teaching and learning. The paper provides an introduction to Te Ao Maori (the Maori world) and te reo Maori (Maori language) with a focus on the integration of these elements into the teaching programme regardless of the subject area that is being taught. It is suitable for those with little or no knowledge of te reo Maori or kaupapa Maori.

TERTL502 Work-Integrated Learning  

This paper provides an outline of some of the main components of WIL in relation to teaching and learning by focusing on work-based learning and work-based assessment using several case studies.

TERTL503 Blended/Online Learning  

This paper outlines theoretical models and explores ways of designing and implementing blended and fully online learning in a tertiary context. The paper is based on experiential learning pedagogy and gives learners experiences and competencies to facilitate and design effective blended and online learning activities for students. These experiences are informed by several theoretical models of online course design and facilitation.

TERTL504 Supervising Postgraduate Students

This paper aims to introduce participants to current research and practical perspectives of the epistemology of postgraduate student supervision. Discussion topics may include models of supervision, different models of the thesis, specific issues in the supervision of international students, transferable skills beyond the postgraduate degree, and postgraduate qualifications within an international context.

TERTL505 Inclusive Learning Environments and Approaches

This paper examines how inclusion can be improved and assured in higher education settings. Inclusion here covers responses to diversity in race, economic status, social class, ethnicity, language, religion, gender, sexual orientation and ability. Participants will examine their own perspectives and experiences in the context of relevant theory, and will engage in initiatives to improve inclusive education.

TERTL506 Curriculum and Course Design  

This paper enables participants to think deeply about curriculum design at both programme and course levels, informed by contemporary educational theories and models of instructional design.

TERTL507 Facilitating Learning in Small Group Contexts  

This paper enables participants to apply theories and strategies related to effective facilitation of small group learning to their own tertiary education practice.

TERTL508 Assessment

This paper enables participants to contextualise principles, forms and methods of assessment in relation to relevant trends and theories, relating this to their own practice. The paper provides opportunities for participants to design, implement and evaluate improvements to assessment in their teaching situations.

TERTL509 Digital Literacy for Teaching and Learning

This paper explores concepts and elements of digital literacy, within an overall concept of literacy, identifying those which are important and relevant in participants’ own disciplines and teaching contexts.

TERTL510 Internationalising Tertiary Teaching and Learning

This paper encourages participants to engage with literature on internationalisation of teaching and learning and contextualise their own ideas, experiences and practices from this perspective. Through integrated examination of theory and practice, the paper aims to explore the question of what kind of education we need to provide to enable students to live and work well in a globalised world.

TERTL511 English Medium Instruction (EMI) in Higher Education Teaching

This paper examines principles and practices of English-medium instruction (EMI), focusing particularly on settings where students (and/or lecturers) are using English as a second or foreign language.

TERTL512 Current Trends in Global Higher Education and their Impact

This paper provides an outline of the main trends in global higher education, encouraging participants to think deeply about the impact of these trends on national and local contexts, and about the position and role of individuals as educators in the changing landscape of global higher education.

TERTL513 Researching Tertiary Learning and Teaching Practice

In this paper, participants design, implement and evaluate a small-scale research project on an aspect of teaching and learning in their own tertiary education context.

Note: This paper is usually taken as the third or final paper in the PGCert, extending learning from other papers in a practice-based context.

TERTL590 Directed Study  

This paper offers participants the opportunity to examine a specific area of tertiary learning and teaching, with learning outcomes and content agreed by the participant and paper convenor.

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