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Teaching Network sessions

Kai and kōrero: Imagining B Trimester, a pick-your-own-discussion-adventure

Thursday 25 June, 1 - 2 pm

Joining link:

In this online session, you are invited to ‘choose-your-own-discussion’ from a list of topics. You will then be grouped with others interested in the same topic to share experiences, strategies and ideas. You will have the opportunity to join two discussions during the hour.

Not only will you discuss the topics YOU want to, you will also experience a possible way to do the same for students in your online classes.

Our discussion menu includes:

  • managing online students in face-to-face classes
  • promoting academic integrity
  • managing workload
  • connecting with students online
  • making student choice manageable
  • suggest a discussion topic (get your idea in before Thurs 9 am)

Please join us via Zoom to take part in a stimulating discussion.

No need to register, just join on the day.

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