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Teaching resources

link to UDL information

Universal Design for Learning

UDL is a research-based framework which can help you meet the needs of diverse students.

link to online and blended teaching

Designing online learning

Principles and tips to help you design your online course

Assessment and feedback

Making assessment and feedback meaningful and effective.

link to research

Researching teaching

Resources for researching tertiary teaching and learning.

link to course design

Course design

Find out more about principles and practices of course design and development.

link to reflective practice

Reflective practice

Using reflective practice to enhance your teaching.

link to inclusivity

Inclusive teaching

How to ensure diverse learners thrive in your classes.

link to internationalisation


Developing intercultural and global competence for all students in all disciplines.

link to Work-integrated learning

Work-integrated learning

The importance of work-related learning.

link integrating kaupapa

Integrating kaupapa Māori

Ideas for incorporating kaupapa Māori across your teaching.

current trends

Current trends

A summary of the latest national and global trends in tertiary education.

teaching-related links

UoW teaching-related info

Links to teaching-related information across the University of Waikato including dates, policies and frameworks.