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University of Waikato teaching-related info

    Policies, plans and frameworks

    Lists are useful for displaying lots of information that can be scanned at a glance.

    • Academic Plan – university-wide plan covering academic goals
    • Graduate Attributes - These overarching graduate attributes capture the qualities that the University community agrees its graduates should develop as part of their studies.
    • Māori Advancement Plan 2015-2017 – The Māori Advancement Plan upholds the university’s Charter and Treaty of Waitangi commitments, and is an action based Plan to support the University to uphold its mana as the leading University for Māori.
    • Pacific Plan 2017-2020 – The Pacific Plan aims to ensure that the University builds on its teaching and research endeavours to meet the aspirations, needs and priorities of Pacific peoples.
    • University of Waikato Curriculum Design Framework – Overview of the university’s curriculum reform process