Centres & Units

WMIER hosts and supports a number of research centers, units and networks. These groups provide opportunities for the development of collaborative research projects and forums for the sharing of expertise and ideas.

Early Years Research Centre

The Early Years Research Centre includes a group of scholars who have built a national and international reputation in the following three areas of research in the early years: pedagogy, policy and community connections. These areas form the three themes of the Centre research programme. The Centre has a social justice agenda; it aims to make a difference for young children, early years teachers, families and whānau in Aotearoa New Zealand. The Early Years Research Centre provides a platform for coordinating, connecting and creating research that influences policy and informs scholars worldwide.

Video Lab

The Video Lab is a virtual and real space within the Wilf Malcolm Institute of Educational Research that operates across and between the Hamilton and Tauranga campuses. The Video Lab has been established to promulgate the development of cutting-edge research that utilises video in a range of innovative ways to better understand pedagogies. The Lab provides a generating, exploring, coordinating and connecting function, creating a platform for ongoing and future research and practice. The unit is available for external contract work and we are keen to discuss opportunities to work with communities to provide a more relevant and engaging curriculum - one that recognises the centrality of vision as a mode of thinking and production.

Waikato Engineering Education Research Unit

Engineering Education Unit

The Waikato Engineering Education Research Unit has the objective of improving learning outcomes for engineering students. Its members include scholars from Faculty of Education and Faculty of Science & Engineering who engage in research into teaching and learning in tertiary engineering education. The Unit coordinates and develops research projects that are designed to develop insights and expertise for curriculum innovation and teaching.

CARN Waikato

CARN Waikato was set up as a network aimed at offering support to those in the Waikato region and beyond, who engage in some form of action research or who have an interest in it, remembering that action research is a broad umbrella term and not a method. CARN Waikato's core group includes representatives from the Wilf Malcolm Institute of Educational Research (group sponsor), the Faculty of Education, the Faculty of Arts and Sciences,the Waikato Management School and the Waikato Institute of Technology (WINTEC). CARN Waikato is an active member of the CARN International Network.

Waikato Research on Doctoral Education Unit

Waikato Doctoral Research and Writing Unit

The Waikato Research on Doctoral Education Unit (RoDE) brings together scholars who are conducting collaborative research into how to improve practice in the broad field of doctoral education. Its members include scholars who engage in research into macro and micro level strategies for supporting doctoral research and writing excellence. At the macro level studies are investigating the processes of supervision, central university procedures, and the creation of new structures and forms for disseminating the completed theses. At the micro level research is examining thesis writing processes – the types of supports required for diverse student groups during and post thesis completion.