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CARN Waikato was set up as a network aimed at offering support to those in the Waikato region and beyond, who engage in some form of action research or who have an interest in it, remembering that action research is a broad umbrella term and not a method.

CARN Waikato's core group includes representatives from the Wilf Malcolm Institute of Educational Research (group sponsor), the Faculty of Education, the Faculty of Arts and Sciences,the Waikato Management School and the Waikato Institute of Technology (WINTEC).

CARN Waikato is lead by Professor Terry Locke who welcomes enquiries relating to the group and collaborative action research.

CARN Waikato is an active member of the CARN International Network.

Collaborative action research (CAR) is an approach to conducting research that is participatory, empowering, contexualised, and anchored in a cyclical process of problem definition, reflection, planning, implementation, analysis and further reflection. It seeks to collaborate inclusively with those who have a stake in bringing about change in a particular setting, such as a school or cluster of schools, or in a community. It is a powerful means of inducting practitioners (teachers, social workers, health professionals and so on) into identities as practitioner-researchers.

For previous and upcoming events, as well as access to action research presentations please go to the News and Events page.

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