The PRISM project: Programme Realities voiced by International and domestic Students in Masters’ study

The issue we are exploring in this project is: What are the realities of international and domestic students in UoW Masters programmes and how might identified stressors impact on their progress and achievement? Aspects of interest include features of academic study, additional responsibilities and relationships, student career motivation/s and resources. We are investigating self-reported levels of individual wellbeing; high and low points of tension in their programme, the nature of any challenges and strategies for meeting the challenges. We are interested in understanding any patterns of student experience emerging from this aspect of the study.


How “threshold concepts” afford understanding of problematic ideas
In this Teaching & Learning Research Initiative (TLRI) funded project researchers worked with tertiary lecturers in electronics engineering, doctoral research and writing, management communication, and English to identify threshold concepts in and across disciplines...Final report

Researchers' reflections on the adequacy of their research training
This study was an ongoing collaboration with Prof. Kathy Green, an advanced research methods specialist at the University of Denver College of Education and Assoc. Prof. Lise Claiborne of the University of Waikato Faculty of Education. The project explored doctoral graduates' and professional researchers' views of the adequacy of their preparation for undertaking research.

Enhancing ethical practice in doctoral thesis supervision
This study was the result of a collaborative research project involving experienced doctoral supervisors from Massey, Victoria and Waikato Universities. The research explored the complex ethical challenges facing students and staff who work together on doctoral research projects...more