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Researchers' reflections on the adequacy of their research training

This study is an ongoing collaboration with Prof. Kathy Green, as advanced research methods specialist at the University of Denver College of Education and Assoc. Prof. Lise Claiborne of the University of Waikato, Faculty of Education. The project explores doctoral graduates' and professional researchers' views of the adequacy of their preparation for undertaking research. While past studies have considered students' views of their experience of research methods courses, few studies have considered such preparation at the programme level or in terms of adequacy for research careers after postgraduate study. An initial publication based on the cognitive interviews for the development of a scaled instrument is shown below.

Claiborne, L.B. & Green, K. (2014). Cross-national comments on postgraduate education in research methods. New Zealand Journal of Educational Studies, 49(1), 101-108

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