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Our research on pedagogy has emphasised: assessment and the documentation of learning in ways that make a difference to that learning, interactions between children and teachers, and the role of technology and community in that learning and those interactions. The following are completed and ongoing externally funded research projects with this focus. They provide, and have provided, a platform for further projects:


Centres of Innovation projects (finding for this Ministry of Education research programme was cut in 2009): in a kindergarten in south Auckland (focusing on integratine ICT into the curriculum), a kindergarten in Wellington (focusing on a curriculum whāriki of multimodal literacies), an early education centre (focusing on the pedagogies of question-asking and question-exploring), and a kōhanga reo (focusing on their documentation as paki ako).


Learning Wisdom: A two-year Teaching & Learning Research Initiative [TLRI], Ministry of Education funded, administered by the New Zealand Council for Educational Research [NZCER] project in five early childhood centres, in collaboration with a professional development organisation, the Education Leadership Project (ELP).


Moments of wonder, everyday events: Children’s working theories in action. This two-year TLRI funded project was based at CORE Education in Christchurch.  The research involved research partners from CORE Education, the University of Waikato and the Canterbury Playcentre Association.  The research explored the ways young children make sense of and theorise about their world, how their ideas are expressed, understood and fostered in Playcentre environments.


Pedagogical intersubjectivity: A one-year TLRI funded project researching social interactions and how moments of teaching and learning are co-produced between teachers and children in everyday play activities.

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