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The following are completed and ongoing externally funded research projects with a policy focus. They provide, and have provided, a platform for further projects:




Early Childhood Assessment Exemplars (Kei tua o te Pae): A Ministry of Education (MoE) contract to prepare 20 books that combine research, theory and practice on assessment in the early years. It includes the findings from our earlier research for the Ministry on Assessment in Early Childhood Settings, published in 1998 and was sent by the Ministry of Education to all early childhood centres and primary schools. 



Outcomes of early childhood education: Literature review. A literature review commissioned by the Ministry of Education to provide policy makers with a synthesis of research that analyses the impact of early childhood education (ECE) for children and families (MoE contract). 



Evaluation of Pathways to the Future – Ngā Huarahi Arataki: A research contract from the MoE to evaluate an early childhood policy: the ECE 10-year Strategic Plan. The final report synthesises findings from this locality-based longitudinal evaluation carried out from 2004 to 2009. 



National evaluation of Early Childhood Education Participation Programme. A contracted research project to evaluate MoE policy on family participation in ECE services. The evaluation will help the MoE to understand how well the Participation Programme is working and what can be done to improve it. 




Review of ChildFund supported Early Childhood Development Programmes in Timor Leste. In this project two researchers from Waikato observed and consulted with local teachers and families on the current Early Childhood Development (ECD) programmes in Timor Leste. Funded by ChildFund International, it responded to an initiative by the government of Timor Leste to place high emphasis on improving quality of early childhood provision. 

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