Recent Media

How toddlers make friends
Hamilton Press - February 2015
Article on WMIER doctoral scholar Bryndis Gunnarsdottir.

Crossing the threshold
Education Review - June 2014
Article on threshold learning with Professor Jonathan Scott featuring the WMIER projects on threshold concepts.

Finding the best path to school-based teacher education
Education Review - June 2014Teacher education providers collaborate more with schools with good results - featuring the WMIER Collaborative University School Partnership (CUSP) project.

Teachers challenge unscientific policy
Waatea News - June 30, 2014
Article about the Taking Stock: Moving Forward conference features WMIER's RAINS research project led by Martin Thrupp.

Concern over school input into body image: 'No one will want to marry you'
Waikato Times - July 10, 2013
Article about the Everybody Counts: Reimagining Health and Physical Education in Primary Schools TLRI-funded project and breaking down barriers  to be more inclusive of all body types and abilities.

Martin Thrupp: National Standards comparisons impossible
The New Zealand Herald - May 21, 2013
Article about National Standardsfeaturing WMIER's RAINS research report led by Martin Thrupp.

Searching for the 'Wiggle-room': Negotiating the non-negotiable in primary schools
Principals Today - Issue 97 2013
In this article primary classroom teacher Joanne Naera bases her discussion on her involvement in the research project Everybody Counts: Reimagining Health and Physical Education in Primary Schools.