Agenda 2020 & Action Sport in the Olympic Games

Date / Time: 21 September 2016

Agenda 2020 and Action Sports in the Olympic Games: Stakeholder Symposium

This one day symposium is funded by the International Olympic Studies centre and focuses on the significant changes occurring within the Olympic Games and what this means for New Zealand sports federations, organizations, industry and athletes.

While our focus is on the inclusion of action sports, the impact of Agenda 2020 is likely to radically change the landscape of the Olympic games. The symposium is therefore relevant for all interested in the growth and development of high performance sport in New Zealand.

When: September 21, 2016, 10am-5pm
Where: University of Waikato, venue to be confirmed
Cost: None. Morning tea and afternoon tea provided

The day will begin with a presentation by Associate Professors Holly Thorpe and Belinda Wheaton in which they share key findings from their IOC-funded report focused on the issues related to the past, present and future inclusion of action sports into the Olympic programme, with a particular focus on Tokyo 2020. The afternoon will include three sessions with invited speakers each of whom will be key stakeholders in the processes within New Zealand and/or internationally, focused on:

1. Lessons learned from past inclusion of action sports into the Olympic Games: Windsurfing, snowboarding and BMX
2. Tokyo 2020 and the inclusion of new sports: Surfing, skateboarding and sport-climbing
3. Future Olympic Sports: Parkour, SUP, and kitesurfing

Each session will be followed by Q&A with the audience to facilitate dialogue and the sharing of experiences across sports. The symposium aims to provide an important forum for key stakeholders involved in high performance sport in New Zealand to discuss and debate important issues facing their organizations and groups as they prepare for a series of significant chances to the landscape of sport at the Olympic Games, and for learning across sporting organizations and industries to be shared. This event is a world-first and aims to ensure that New Zealand is well prepared to make the most of the exciting new opportunities on offer for our emerging and elite athletes.

To register and for further information contact: [email protected]