Ana Marjanovic-Shane seminar

Date / Time: 13 January 2014, 6pm
Venue: TC2.27 (A&B Meeting Room), Faculty of Education, The University of Waikato

Meaning making with play as an answerable and addressive “postupok” (act-deed)

Ana Marjanovic-Shane
Ana Marjanovic-Shane
Ana Marjanovic-Shane, is an Associate Professor of Education at Chestnut Hill College, Philadelphia, USA. She is developing a socio-cultural approach to education grounded in the key aspects of creative activities: play and drama, imagination, and the arts. In developing her analysis of play and drama and her vision of education, Marjanovic-Shane uses a Bakhtinian dialogic approach and an ecological orientation to study meaning-making as a practice taking place within the dynamics of events that the participants live through and experience (perezhivanie) as relating to, and addressing each other through, acts-deeds (postupoks). In her view, events and processes in education should be approached and understood as a creative praxis of meaning making. Because of that, Marjanovic-Shane contends that teaching needs to be regarded as an art rather than a technology. Learning and teaching need to be designed in contexts of meaningful practices which share some of the key aspects with the play, the arts and especially the performing arts, and where experiences of the drama in education studies should be interwoven into the instructional design.

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