Book launch success: Moemoeā: Māori Counselling Journeys

Date / Time: 30 May 2017

The book launch of Moemoeā: Māori Counselling Journeys (Editors: Kathie Crocket, Eugene Davis, Elmarie Kotzé, Brent Swann, Huia Swann) was very well attended with up to 100 people at the Te Kohinga Mārama Marae, Te Kura Toi Tangata Faculty of Education, on Tuesday 30 May. People came from as far south as Bluff and as far north as Auckland  including community agency and school guidance counsellors, mental health workers, youth workers, career  practitioners, counsellor educators, health provides and agency managers. Over 60 copies were sold during the afternoon with Dunmore's first print run of 300 already being sold out and the second print run underway. Dr Sarah-Jane Tiakiwai Deputy Vice-Chancellor Māori (speaking) launched the book with the five editors all in attendance.

The book is a practical and accessible resource for those working alongside whānau Māori. Each chapter demonstrates clear links between practice and philosophy, situating these in whakaaro Māori and in contemporary Western ideas. Practice stories show Māori cultural ethics at work in: counselling, supervision, group work, research, advocacy, and professional education. In their weaving of whakaaro Māori and narrative practice, the stories will inform and inspire practitioners who work alongside Māori, in diverse settings. Throughout the book the voices of both whānau and counsellor explore what happens when mana is recognised, called into presence, and engaged in the task of reimagining the future.

For the editors' backgrounds and perspectives on their book see this interview

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