Colloquium: A Conversation About Visual Research

Date / Time: 17 February 2011
Venue: S.G.03

This colloquium which took the form of a conversation with a panel of staff currently using visual methods in their research. Rather than focusing on how to do it, the intention was to share ideas about:

  • collecting visual information - considerations and challenges
  • considering if there is such thing as a neutral image
  • ethics with visual research
  • theoretical considerations - integrating the visual with text
  • disseminating visual research.

The panel included representatives from a number of faculties at the University of Waikato:

Dr Deborah Fraser, Human Development and Counselling, Faculty of Education
Dr Clive Pope, Sport and Leisure Studies, Faculty of Education
Dr Lorraine Friend, Marketing Department, Waikato Management School
Dr Darrin Hodgetts, School of Psychology, Faculty of Arts & Social Sciences
Elaine Bliss , Geography, Tourism and Environmental Planning, Faculty of Arts & Social Sciences

The colloquium was attended by post-graduate students and staff at the University as well as individuals from other institutions who share an interest in the area of visual research. The level of interest that was shown led to the organization of a series of seminars on related issues to be held throughout the year.

If you would like to be kept informed about future visual research methods events please contact Sarah McAnallen.