Designing sound for health and wellbeing

Date / Time: 17 August 2012 3-4pm
Venue: TT.1.05

Elizabeth Grierson
Elizabeth Grierson

Designing sound for health and wellbeing: A trans-disciplinary 3 year research project bringing together sound art and emergency medicine

Elizabeth Grierson is Professor of Art and Philosophy at RMIT University, Melbourne. She has a long career in university education and has worked in universities in Australia and New Zealand. Elizabeth has undertaken many international assignments and research projects. She is a research leader of RMIT Design Research Institute. She has a particular interest in legal systems and the application of law in art and education, and is continuing studies in a Juris Doctor program at RMIT. Elizabeth is known internationally for her speaking and publications focusing on transdisciplinary research that brings together different fields such as art, design and health, law and education, aesthetics and philosophy of education and was a leading member of a research team who won the Design Research Institute 2010, Design Against Crime Challenge, with the project TRUST: Interventions through Art.

This presentation discusses the research project Designing Sound for Health and Wellbeing, which received competitive funding from the Australian Research Council. The project was undertaken in the School of Art of RMIT University and the Emergency Department of the inner city, St Vincent’s Hospital, Melbourne. The project investigates the effects of designed sound on patients’ anxiety levels in Emergency Medicine. Elizabeth will outline the project and its design, methodology and findings. The discussion places the project in the context of the strategic requirements of universities to generate external funds by working between academia and industry, and how working across sectors and disciplines can generate new and innovative practices in research.

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