Embedded evaluation in e-learning contexts

Date / Time: 19 February 2013 10-11am
Venue: Venue TC.2.27 (Meeting Room A&B), Faculty of Education, University of Waikato

Researching embedded evaluation in e-learning contexts

Presenter: Dr Caroline Daly,  Institute of Education, University of London

Both novices and experienced e-learners encounter multiple challenges in learning how to "be" an e-learner in distance contexts. Not all of these challenges are anticipated by postgraduate professionals who undertake masters programmes and prevalent forms of evaluation are argued to yield inadequate meaningful information about the learners’ experiences on which to base course development. Two research projects at the Institute of Education, funded by the Centre for Distance Education, University of London, investigated how learner narration can be developed as an evaluation strategy which is embedded within course design for distance learners. The seminar will discuss the findings and the development of narrative evaluation approaches among participants following masters degree programmes in three universities.

Caroline is a Reader in Education at the Institute of Education, University of London. She has developed e-learning courses for practising school teachers in national and international contexts and currently leads a cross-institutional e-facilitated professional learning programme for teachers in the London region. Her research background is in teacher education in e-learning contexts, with a particular focus on learning and participation in online learning communities and continuing professional development. She has led research projects investigating e-learners’ experiences, teachers’ pedagogical development and the use of technologies to support teachers’ professional development. Caroline has published widely for both research and practitioner audiences, including co-authoring the book Key Issues in e-Learning: Research and Practice (2011), published by Continuum, London.

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You can now access the podcast of Caroline's presentation.