Waikato Journal of Education Call for papers

Date / Time: 27 March 2019

Call for papers

Futures for education in a technologically mediated society: Perspectives on teaching and learning

Special Section, November 2019

The editors of the Waikato Journal of Education invite contributions to a special section in November 2019 which will explore future-focused perspectives of education. The special section will be guest edited by Dr Elizabeth Reinsfield who welcomes contributions from experienced and emerging authors.

TimelinePaper submission (WJE special section) by 1 June 2019. Papers sent out for blind review by 20 June 2019. Responses from reviewers by 30 July 2019.
Reviewing and amendments completed by 8 September. Publication by 30 November 2019.

Any queries on paper foci please contact Elizabeth Reinsfield ([email protected]).

Waikato Journal of Education is a peer-reviewed online journal sponsored by Wilf Malcolm Institute of Educational Research (WMIER), Division of Education, The University of Waikato. The primary readership is an audience of educators, teachers and community members interested in past and present issues in teaching and learning. The journal primarily focuses on contemporary issues, stories from the field and research relating to aspects of curriculum, pedagogy and assessment.

For information on contributing to this journal see the information here

For this special section issue we are looking for articles to provide useful insights into future-focused perspectives of curriculum, pedagogy and assessment and welcome contributions from all education related areas. Contributors to this special section are asked to prioritise viewpoints on future-focused policies, theories and practices. Articles may cover a broad theme (e.g., socio-technological perspectives of learning), policy area (e.g., technology education) or contain a more specific case/single issue study (e.g., Assessment in Innovative Learning Environments). We welcome articles from emerging researchers who are completing masters and doctoral work in the area covered by this special section of the November 2019 issue. Articles must be submitted to the journal by the 1 June 2019.

Note 1: Waikato Journal of Education is published online only. All authors must submit their article to They will first need to register.
Note 2: It is expected that all articles submitted will have been ‘colleague reviewed’prior to submission. Please note that you have done so and indicate the general area of your colleague’s research/teaching when submitting your article.
Note 3: We welcome expressions of interest to join the article review team. Please email the guest editors to express interest in reviewing an article.