Fascinating second lecture by Bronwyn Davies

Date / Time: 9 July 2015


Professor Bronwyn Davies delivered a fascinating lecture on Thursday 9 July entitled "Normativity, abjection and Shildrick's monster", to an attentive audience at the University of Waikato. Professor Davies highlighted the fact that teachers are under increasing pressure to be productive and to produce normative subjects who in turn will be economically productive, responsible and responsive to government norms. Through focusing on the self-other boundaries of normative subjects, particularly abjection of those who are seen to disturb the existing order of things, she highlights how normativity is at work on us and through us.

Click here to view this lecture: "Normativity, abjection and Shildrick's monster".

Professor Davies visit to the University of Waikato spanned two weeks of intensive activities with members of the Faculty of Education and included her first lecture: Listening to Children

Click here for more information on Bronwyn Davies latest book: Listening to Children: Being and Becoming