Integration of Digital Technology in Teaching and Learning

Date / Time: 24 November 2015
Venue: TT1.05

Dr Julie Mueller from the Wilfrid Laurier University, Ontario, Canada spoke on the Integration of Digital Technology in Teaching and Learning to an audience at the Faculty of Education, University of Waikato today. Dr Mueller spoke on her evolving research program examining the integration of technology from computers, to mobile technology and social media. Research findings and broad conclusions leading to specific questions were shared and discussed as was the transformational shift in learning technologies that has made demands on pedagogy to provide authentic, learner-centred instruction that allows the learner to take control. Findings from mixed research methods, including surveys, interviews and video observations, were presented from contexts including elementary to graduate level classes.

One of the pivotal points discussed at today's session was that technology allows more collaboration in today's learning, and how this collaboration affects pedagogy, is important for educators to consider. It was agreed that it is not about the technology per se, but about how the technology is used that counts.

Dr Mueller's current research explores the impact of digital technology on both student learning and teacher pedagogy.

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Dr Mueller was hosted by the Wilf Malcolm Institute of Educational Research while visiting the Waikato.

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