Making a difference in classrooms and centres: The intersection of theory and practice

Date / Time: 12 November 2010, 9.15am - 4.00pm
Venue: WEL Energy Trust Academy of Performing Arts, University of Waikato


In November the University of Waikato’s Faculty of Education formally celebrates 50 years of teacher education. This symposium is one of several events on campus during November highlighting teaching and learning.

There was a time when research was not considered a core role of a ‘teacher training college’ but from the inception of the Hamilton Teachers College, leaders made a conscious decision to develop a research ethos. This symposium celebrates the contribution Faculty staff have made to theory and practice that enhances teaching and learning. It will highlight some of the long-term and in-depth research that has been undertaken by the Faculty of Education.

The keynote speaker, Professor David Clarke is from the International Centre for Classroom Research, The University of Melbourne. Professor Clarke’s international research programmes use diverse theoretical frames and methodologies for exploring classroom interactions. His talk focuses on theoretical and methodological innovation in practice.

This symposium is intended for researchers, school leaders and teachers.