One view of the field of science education research

Date / Time: Tuesday 15 February 2011, 10.30am-12.00pm
Venue: TL2.27 (A&B Meeting Room)

Meeting of the Science, Maths, Technology and Environmental Education Research Network

Encyclopaedia (n.) A comprehensive reference work containing articles on a wide range of subjects or on numerous aspects of a particular field, usually arranged alphabetically.

Springer have been producing specialist encyclopedias in engineering, sciences and medicine for a number of years. They have now begun the 2 year process of development of their first specialist encyclopedia in education, the Encyclopedia of Science Education. Richard is responsible for this development as “editor-in-chief”. This has led him to think about what is needed for a “comprehensive” view of science education. In the seminar he will discuss why he considers it is essential to include relevant non-English language constructs and literatures and perspectives for the encyclopaedia to count as “comprehensive”. While science education will provide the context for Richard’s talk the “big” questions he will be raising are relevant to all curriculum areas.

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