Prof Hursh: The takeover of public education

Date / Time: 27 May 2016

Professor David Hursh from the Warner School of Education, University of Rochester spoke at the Faculty of Education, University of Waikato on Friday 27 May. Professor Hursh focused on the takeover of public education by philanthrocapitalists, such as the Gates Foundation, corporations, such a Pearson, non-governmental organizations, such as Teach First, and hedge fund managers. Together they have promoted the privatization of education through charter schools and the corporate takeover of curriculum, assessment, and professional development. He also described the increasing resistance to corporate reforms as parents opt their children out of standardized tests, and demand more innovative teaching.

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David Hursh is a professor in the teaching and curriculum program. His recent research and writing reflect three specific areas of interest. Firstly, he situates the current corporate-based education reform effort within the context of the rise and dominance of neoliberal economic policies. Secondly, he has worked to design and implement curriculum that promotes a sustainable society and thirdly, he studies the way in which education policy is increasingly globalized so that the politics of education reform have similarities across different countries.

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