Prof. Curt Bonk enthuses Conference

Date / Time: 20 April 2016

The DEANZ2016 Conference was bound to be a major attraction with the Hobbiton themes running through various presentations and events, however there was extra life and vibrancy added to the Conference by the keynote speaker and digital education expert, Professor Curtis Bonk from the Indiana University School of Education, USA.

Professor Bonk's knowledge of global education and the way technology is changing the way we learn was valuable for those lucky enough to hear his keynote address entitled "Education 3.0: The Learning World of Middle Earth is Fast Changing!" and other presentations throughout the conference, not to mention his wizardry contributions to the Great Debate entitled "That online and face-to-face pedagogies are identical".

Of particular interest was his workshop entitled Super Masterclass 0:0 where he traversed his TEC-Variety model for online motivation and retention, and his R2D2 model (read, reflect, display and do) which has proven online learning can be responsive to student learning preferences.

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Books relating to these models: Free book on TEC-Variety

Empowering Online Learning

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