Re-engineering education workshop

Date / Time: 22 March 2013, 1-2pm
Venue: A&B Meeting Room (TC.2.27), Faculty of Education

Join the translational research community: experience writing a MESH map of your research or research you know of which needs translating into practice.

Translating academic research reports into MESHGuides for learners, teachers, trainee teachers and policy makers can be relatively quick for those who have their research at their fingertips. At the end of this workshop, you will have the top level structure for a MESHGuide in a specialist area. Groups of educators wishing to work on an area of common interest are welcome. If you don’t have research of your own, bring a major research report which has influenced you. You will be able to turn it in to a MESHGuide.

The Presenters 

Christina Preston, Professor of Educational Innovation, Learning Futures Research Centre, University of Bedfordshire

Christina Preston has fifteen years experience of teaching in school in English, Drama and Information Technology, followed by four years as an English and Information and Communications technology advisor in Croydon, South London. From 1992-2001 she was an associate researcher and lecturer at the Institute of Education, University of London, and from 2002 worked at the Centre for Work-Based Learning for Education Professionals (WLE). Other research and lecturing associateships include Bath Spa University, Brunel University and the Czech Technical University in Prague.

Key successes have been the development of innovative multimodal research methodologies for Becta with Professor Marilyn Leask, new designs for Masters modules and their multimodal accreditation as well as the development of new modes of knowledge sharing within the profession in communities of practice. She is the founder of The MirandaNet Fellowship, an international professional organisation for teachers, teacher educators and researchers established in 1992. She is also instrumental in developing the Education Futures Collaboration.

Marilyn Leask, Professor of Educational Knowledge Management , Learning Futures Research Centre, University of Bedfordshire

Marilyn Leask is well known for her work on knowledge management in education and in building the evidence and knowledge base for teacher education and classroom practice. Her current work includes developing national and international models for scaling up promising small scale research. Her specialist areas are teacher education, change, improvement and development across large systems particularly through online networking and knowledge sharing, the development of approaches supporting evidence-informed policy and practice, and the use of ICT in education.

Please direct any queries to Noeline Wright: [email protected] or tel. (07) 838 4466 ext. 7861. 

Christine and Marilyn will also run a workshop on the morning of Friday 22 March on Online collaboration to maximise research reach and impact on users.