Symposium on Visual Research

Date / Time: 19-20 February 2013
Venue: S.G.01, University of Waikato, Hamilton, New Zealand

The Wilf Malcolm Institute of Educational Research will be hosting a symposium on visual research in February 2013.

This symposium about visual research will be a liberating experience and stimulate you to think about new possibilities within your research agenda. It will be of interest to people from all disciplines, the novice as well as the more experienced researcher. The programme embraces a range of topics including modes of inquiry with regards to theory and practice, representation and the richness of visual data, grappling with ethical practices, the pragmatics of ‘doing’ visual research and thoughts about dissemination. Over the two days you will have the chance to consider how to use visual research so that it does make a difference.

Presenters include
Marylouise Caldwell, The University of Sydney
Theo van Leeuwen, University of Technology, Sydney
Darrin Hodgetts, The University of Waikato
Clive Pope, The University of Waikato

The programme will also feature discussion forums led by Graham Price, Lorraine Friend and Carolyn Costley, and Elaine Bliss.

Note, this symposium has now concluded.
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