The policy and practice of cultivating general teachers for rural primary schools

Date / Time: 19 September 2017
Venue: TC 2.35 Alan Hall Room

1.00 - 2.00pm

Dr Lu Chen is an Associate Professor at the Faculty of Elementary at Chongqing Normal University and is a visiting scholar at the Wilf Malcolm Institute of Educational Research, University of Waikato. Lu Chen’s current research interests include teacher education, curriculum and teaching and children development and education. She has completed prior research in induction education of beginning teachers, the development of curriculum resources for rural primary schools in China and the urban mobility of children’s mental health. Her scholarly work has appeared in many journals and edited books. Dr Chen recieved funding from the China Scholarship Council (CSC) for studying at the University of Waikato as a visiting Scholar from December 2016 to December 2017.


Chongqing Normal University began to recruit student teachers who, if they go to teach in rural areas, can get free education. The aim is to ensure the balanced development of urban and rural education and alleviate the shortage of teachers in rural primary schools in Chongqing. Chongqing Normal University has set up the UGIS (university, government, institutions, school) collaborative alliance for training these student teachers. From 2013 over 1,400 high school graduates have enrolled in the programme at Chongqing Normal University. This seminar provides an example of a complex and multifaceted partnership that included a University, schools, institute, a Department of Education, a Bureau of Finance and a Bureau of Social Security.