WMIER Research Series: Cirque de Statistics

Date / Time: 9-11 May 2011 10-10.30am
Venue: TT.1.12

This series will look at which statistical analysis tools you can use in your research. These sessions will be introductory and therefore will be of most use to those with little experience of statistical analysis.


  • So you’ve got the data. Now what? (Mira Peter)
    This workshop will look at the kinds of questions researchers may ask of a data set. Various statistical procedures will be offered to answer those questions.
  • What is this thing called p? (Mira Peter)
    This workshop will start with a brief overview of the p value. We will then interpret the results of some commonly used statistical tests (e.g., z-test, Mann-Whitney, t-test, ANOVA).
  • Building up your SEM models in AMOS. (Junjun Chen)
    Structural Equation Modeling (SEM) is a statistical technique used to investigate causal and linear relationships among variables. This workshop will talk about the research questions SEM can answer and how AMOS (Analysis of Moment Structure) software can help with this. Some data examples will be shared.

The series is open to University of Waikato staff and post-graduate students only.