WMIER Research Series: Research Collaborations

Date / Time: 18-20 April 2011 3-3.30pm
Venue: TT.1.12

Research Collaborations: Working with colleagues and schools.

In this series researchers talk about how they developed processes of working together to set up and conduct research into teaching and learning in their own practice and in schools.


  • Collaborative research: A teacher’s voice. (Marilyn Blakeney-Williams)
  • Primary school teachers transitioning between class levels: What informs this practice from principals’ perspectives? (Anthony Fisher & Tracey Carlyon)
  • Researching our pedagogy: Connecting key competencies and social enquiry in primary social studies. (Pip Hunter, Paul Keown & Jill Wynyard)

The series is open to University of Waikato staff and post-graduate students only.