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Age responsive pedagogies: 'Preschool' ECE teachers interrogate their dialogues with and about two-year-olds

WMIER Principal Researcher: Associate Professor Jayne White
Emerging Researcher: Bridgette Redder

Project Dates: January 2016 - February 2018

The aim of this project is to identify, articulate and ultimately improve the pedagogical experience for two year olds in ECE settings that traditionally cater for older children by making explicit the dialogic relationship between teacher interactions with and about two year olds. This project will build knowledge and develop research capability in the area of teaching and learning by making explicit the specialised nature of ECE teacher pedagogical dialogues with two year olds including perspectives of other teachers on practice, which will not only enhance professional dialogues but also broaden the potential for theorisation.

The research is designed to address and support the articulation and enactment of pedagogical processes that support effective teaching and learning for two year olds who will attend mixed age ECE settings specifically. There will be implications for all teachers working with this age group as the project will construct a series of effective pedagogical strategies and supporting resources for dissemination designed to be beneficial for wider ECE contexts.

Along with Associate Professor Jayne White and Bridgette Redder, the research team for this project includes a number of teacher researchers depicted in photo below:

Back row left to right:
Lannie Freed, Jayne White, Alisha Walker, Ange Taylor, Jean Harrison, Shavaurn Bennett, Bridgette Redder
Front Row left to right:
Caroline Hjorth, Annette Sheehy, Bev De Manser, Vicky Wilson
Absent: Amy Marsh

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