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Learning wisdom

Director: Margaret Carr

Project Dates: 2007- 2008

This TLRI project defines wisdom as knowing why, when, and how to engage with learning opportunities. Early childhood teachers researched their own practice as they revisited children’s learning stories with them.

The strategies and insights from this phase contributed to longitudinal studies of changes in case study children’s learning dispositions—their wise engagement—as evidenced from conversations during episodes of revisiting their learning over time, and the stories themselves.

The Learning Wisdom Project was a two-year project funded through the Teaching and Learning Research Initiative (TLRI).

Project outputs

Carr, M. (2011). Young children reflecting on their learning: teachers' conversation strategies. Early Years, 31(3), 209-210. DOI:10.1080/09575146.2011.613805.

Carr, M., Lee, W., & Early Years Wisdom Group. (2011). Learning wisdom: Young children and teachers recognising the learning. Wellington: Teaching and Learning Research Initiative. - PDF - 72.23 KB

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