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National evaluation of Early Childhood Education Participation Programme

Project leader: Linda Mitchell
Quality Assurance: Bronwen Cowie
Researchers: Sara Archard, Helena Kara, Telesia Kalavite, Vanessa Paki, and Trisha Meagher Lundberg
Research Assistant: Maretta Taylor

Project Dates: 2011 - 2015

The Ministry of Education has funded this 4-year national evaluation of its Early Childhood Education Participation Programme. This Participation Programme is aimed at supporting families to take part in early childhood education and helping early childhood services to meet the needs and aspirations of families. The programme is being carried out in communities with the lowest 5% of participation in early childhood education, and high percentages of Māori and Pasifika preschool children.

The evaluation will help the Ministry of Education to understand how well the Participation Programme is working and what can be done to improve it. The evaluation is being designed by a working group of University of Waikato and Ministry of Education staff.
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