ROBOSHOPS Coding and Robotics Workshops for Primary Students

Project Leaders: Garry Falloon & Nilesh Kanji Researcher: Garry Falloon

Project Dates: 2016 - 2017

The Research

ROBOSHOPS were 'hands on' workshops undertaken in primary schools which helped young people learn the basics of building computer code and using code to control 2-dimensional avatars and 3- dimensional robots. The research aligned with this project explored how ROBOSHOPS supported the development of students' computational concepts, knowledge of code and its functions, and attitudes and enthusiasm towards technology engagement.

Why was this research important?

ROBOSHOPS were part of the Ministry of Business, Innovation and Employment's Unlocking Curious Minds (UCM) programme. UCM projects responded to Ministry calls for promoting higher levels of engagement of young people in technology-related activities, with the expectation that these would flow on to high level study or career options. This research determined whether ROBOSHOPS offered the potential for this in the field of coding and robotics.

What was the potential impact of the research?

ROBOSHOPS had the dual focus of promoting student and teacher engagement and capability. As

  • coding was likely to comprise part of the core of digital technologies in the New Zealand school
  • curriculum, this work was both relevant and timely. Its findings was of interest to teachers, teacher professional learning providers, policy-makers and industry sector groups

Media output