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The transition pathways of tamariki between Māori medium ECE and schooling

Project Leaders: Dr Richard Hill & Dr Lesley Rameka
Researcher: Dr Mere Skerrett

Project Dates: 2016 - 2017

Partnerships: Victoria University

What is the project about?

This Ministry of Education-funded project investigates the transitions of Māori students through the schooling process, including preschool, primary and secondary school transitions. A key objective is to gain greater understanding of the decisions Māori whānau make when they reach a transition and are contemplating a Māori or English medium pathway for their children. The project also seeks information on the processes whānau and centres/schools follow when supporting children through transitions.

Why is this research important?

The research will provide important information on what influences Māori whānau decisions when contemplating a  Māori medium or English medium educational pathway for their children. It will also lead to greater understandings about the processes of transition between ECE and schools, and how institutions can better support student transition.

What is the potential impact?

This research will help policy makers design support mechanisms for whānau on Māori medium education. It will also inform ECE centres and schools about ways to support students through transitions.

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