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Using a wellbeing framework to recognise, value and enhance the broad outcomes for learners in adult literacy and numeracy programmes

Principal Investigators: Dr Jane Furness & Dr Judy Hunter

Project Dates: January 2017 - December 2019

In this project, researchers will work with tutors in adult literacy and numeracy (L/N) programmes. The researchers will draw on an existing wellbeing framework to facilitate its use in classroom practice and extend its application in multicultural settings in order to make visible the links between wellbeing and L/N learning for diverse learner populations. An innovative combination of technologies and tools of teaching and learning will support success for twenty-first century learners.

The aim of the project is to capture broader outcomes that are important to learners in their lives, beyond the L/N skills routinely assessed as part of adult L/N programmes. The goal is to build on a framework developed for Maori adult L/N learners but not in widespread use. Locating the framework conceptually within a personal, relational and collective model of wellbeing, the project aims to provide opportunity for tutors and diverse learners to recognise, value and enhance broad wellbeing outcomes. The project seeks to achieve a meaningful and manageable process for using the framework within programmes. 

Why is this research important?

This research will fill a gap in knowledge about the broad range of outcomes of adult L/N programmes that enhance wellbeing by capturing them in a robust and manageable way. It will present a more complete picture of the value of L/N programmes to learners, families, communities and society, and it will contribute to the recognition of learning outcomes that are important to people in their lives.

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